For careful consultation of this page, please take note that the prices:

- are valid for reservations made directly at the B&B, and not through travel agents or Internet sites
- are intended for the ROOM for EACH night, with a minimum of 2 nights,
- in the case of single occupancy of a double room is a discount of 25%
- in the case of overnight stay for only one a  night, is charged an extra 20%
- are always included in the price: an Italian breakfast, parking facilities, and WI-FI service
- are in EURO, the European Currency Unit
- become cheaper with a longer stay, and with a greater number of people who sleep in the same room

In case of extended staying, is agreeded that the House can ask for a payment, as account, for the 50% of the due.

In case of advanced reservation, is agreeded that the booking need the paymeny, as earnest deposit, of an amount for the 25% of the due.


These are the clauses regulating your booking

The only document that guarantees your reservation is our "Booking confirmation" that there is forwarded by e-mail. It provides the terms and conditions of your reservations (date of arrival, departure date, cost, etc.) and you are invited to check it thoroughly,  and immediately report what, in your view, does not correspond to what is agreed
The lack of any objection from  your, certify your unconditional acceptance as written on the same
We recommend keep a copy of this document, to be retained during your stay

The check-in can be made each day from 6 pm to 8 pm if not any other time agree
If you need to arrive in a different time, you have to ask us in advance, and agree on a new time, otherwise we may not be present when you arrive,  and you find the House closed
The check-out must be made before 10 am
The check-out carried out after 10 and up to 13, will be charged 50% of one night
If carried out after 13, will be charged an additional night


Special for an hasty guest, with check-in after 9,00 p.m. and check-out before 9,00 a.m., without booking,
It’s valid for every room available at the moment, and it’s valid for only one a night
The price, up to 4 people, is 30 € per person, at any time of year, for all rooms
The price, for 5 people or more, is € 25 per person


In the summer season, if you want arrive early in the morning, and leave the Home late in the noon of the day after, without check-in and check-out times, and have a two-days vacation in the garden, with pool, chairs, rocking sofas, sun-bed, sleeping only one a night, you can ask for the “Garden Option"
A lunch-bufet can be served on demand in the early morning, at 12,5 € (minimum 2 persons)
The price of the "Garden Option"  is  € 10 per person                


The breakfast time service is from 8.30 to 9.30 (to Sunday from 8,30 to 10.00)
After closing time, you can ask for a coffee-milk with biscuits or orange juice
If you need the breakfast served in different times than above, you have to ask since the previous evening, and we will try to satisfy you

Italian breakfast: included in the room' price 
Coffee, milk, tea, orange juice, bread, butter, jam, Nutella, corn flakes, muessli, yogurth

Full continental breakfast: € 7,50  per person (On demand at the booking) min. 2 persons
Coffee, milk, tea, orange juice, bread, butter, jam, Nutella, corn flakes, muessli, yogurth, syrup fruit, bacon'nd eggs or cold cuts, cheese, fruit

American breakfast: € 10,00  per person (in winter time, On demand at the booking) min. 2 persons
American pan-cakes with maple syrup or  blueberries syrup,  honey, coffee, milk, tea, orange juice, bread, butter, jam, Nutella, corn flakes, muessli, yogurth, syrup fruit

Brunch: 10 €  per person (On demand the previous evening) served at 11 a.m. - min. 2 persons
Coffee, milk, tea, orange juice, bread, butter, jam, Nutella, corn flakes, muessli, yogurth, syrup fruit, bacon'nd eggs or cold cuts, cheese, fruit

Basket-lunch : 10 €  per person (for your trips, on demand the previous evening) min. 2 persons
bread, butter, cold cuts, cheese, salad, cool meat, eggs, fruit, water, beer

Lunch: 12,50 € per person (On demand the previous evening) served at 1 p.m. - min. 2 persons
Italian pasta, cold dish of meat, salads, cold cuts, cheese, water
House wine, beer and coffee are on charge



Both in the garden, or in your room, you can enjoy a service for espresso coffee, tea or various drinks

In the event that the booked guest arrive at check-in holding a pet of any kind, we reserve the right to refuse hospitality, even in case of earnest deposit already paid
The deposit will not be returned, and is due the full amount for the whole period booked


Always included in our room prices:
- Italian breakfast
- Parking inside the garden
- WI-FI internet access service

Some extra services have, however, a cost:
- "Garden Option": € 10
- BAR service
- night aromatherapy: € 5
- whirpool bath with essenthial oils: € 25
- Shuttle service for the railway station

for the Monselice's railway station

You can ask for the SHUTTLE service for the railway station (4 Km)

The fares, for 3 max persons, are:

from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.  =    10 €
from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.  =    20 €

for the Arquà center

You can ask for the TAXI service for the Arquà center (1 Km)

The fares, for 3 max persons, are:

from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.  =      5 €
from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.  =    10 €

Sat, Sun and feasts : 50% more

The extra bed
In all our rooms can be arranged, if necessary, one extra beds
The extra bed is the common folding bed, normal size, only a little 'lower than conventional bed
The price is 25 € x night

We can serve you the evening dinner (in the summer is poolside served)
It's a "family-style" dinner (€ 24.00 per person), the Guests sit at the table all together, with Vivian and Franco .
You will have:  Bread and water + 1 italian pasta dish +  salades, cold cuts, chese (or meat main course).
House wine, beer and coffee are on charge
You can take this dinner only when you want it, asking in the morning for the evening.
Special Wines and Spirits , on request, are "alla carta", as extra charge

To save money, you can book your stay with the "half board" fare,   which includes dinner' and room' prices for all the evenings of your stay, but the dinner price become only 19.00


DEPOSIT: The payment of a deposit, at the booking, can be made by bank transfer

BALANCE: The balance of the total booked amount  must be made at keys delivery, by cash.

Sorry, we does not have the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) as have Hotels.
We're just a family that offers hospitality, then we are not able to accept payments by Credit Cards
but only by cash.
Prices and Terms


Chez Vivì is attentive to the need to save money, and gives you the opportunity to reduce by 10% the total booking cost!

When the reservation is at least 200 € and the arrival is after 60 days, instead to pay only 25% as deposit and settle the bill on arrival at the B&B, you can ask to pay in advance the full amount due, and get in exchange an immediate 10% discount on the total

The "Full-prepaid discounted irrevocable booking" can not be undone
Chez Vivì
Bed & Breakfast
I-35032 Arquà Petrarca (PD) - Via Palazzina, 28 - Tel +39 340 2598267
E-mail info@chezvivi.it - Sito Web www.chezvivi.it

living in nature
live supporting nature

"Green Suite" doublebed room with terrace
(Junior Suite for 2 Persons)

Double bedroom for singles            - 25%
Only 1 night staying      + 20%

2-4 Nights
100 € per Night
5-8       "   
90 €      "    
9-15     "     
80 €      "     
Room "Panorama" - Four bedromm x 4 persons
  (with a double bed and 2 single beds)

Only 1 night staying      + 20%

2-4 Nights
120 € per Night
5-8        "
100 €      "    
9-15      "  
  80 €     "     
"Country Suite" (2 connecting rooms for 4 people)

Only 1 night staying      + 20%

2-4 Nights
140 € per Night
  5-8     "        
120 €      "    
9-15   "       
100 €      "     

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