This is
and this is your guarantee of our own quality service
and a serene vacation without surprises and mismanagement

1. The check-in and check-out times agreed upon with the guest must be respected.

2. Upon arrival the guest will be received with courtesy and helpfulness.

3. Near the check-in point the guest will find information supplied by the Tourist Agency as well as folders and visiting cards of the "B&B Around Italy" chain membes.

4. The guest will find a set of towels  in the room  or bath. The bath and the room will be impeccably cleaned and the linen and the towels will be changed as per the rules of every single B&B.

5. All the best will be done to see that the guest feels at ease and great care will be taken in the preparation of breakfast.

6. Wake up calls and breakfast in off hours will be available upon specific request by the guest prior previous agreement.

7. Morning breakfast will be the exchange “moment” with the guest, as always with cordiality and willing.

8. Help and advise on timetables for local transportation or to find private means (taxi or rented car) will be granted whenever the guest asked us.

9. Information about any manifestations in the area (Fairs, Festivals or spectacles) as well as information of temporary obstacles or problems (roadwork, deviations, marches or strikes) will be always available.

10. When checking out, if the guest asks us, we will be glad to furnish all the necessary indications and any advices our experience suggests. If the guest desires, we can make for him a reservation at other member B&B.
Hospitality Chart
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