Golf, tennis, hiking, mountain biking, riding, winter swimming pools, sauna,

Finally, do not forget that Chez Vivì ensures you always, on request:
- a basket-lunch, with the snack for your trips
- evening dinner
- for the ladies, coming back home, the relaxing bath with essential oils
- info and advertising material at check-in point of the B & B
- shuttle service to and from the railway station or Arquà Petrarca center
The bed and the breakfast, of course, but...
good company, a "gourmet cuisine",  a "wellness and relax center" ...and much more besides, to share with you,  in addition

Silence and rest
Two forgotten words, but not here. The noise of a running car is only a curiosity, really...
The garden and the pool
The green of the large garden, the blue of the pool, the thousand colors of flowers, the scents of herbs, and then the rocking sofas, the sunbeds, the patio for the breakfast and for the summer evenings dinner
The words are not enough to describe the feeling of peace and absolute silence that you'll experience during your days at Chez Vivì
There remains only to try it in person

Home-style life
You'll feel in family, we'll dine togheter and togheter we'll drink our good wines
near the pool in the summer and near the chimney in the winter time

To do list
The "Palladio Villas' Gran Tour"? Or an historical boat on the Venice's Laguna channels?
The ancient town with the wall all around? Or a gourmet-trip around the "Osterie" for tasting wine and genuine foods?
So what are you waiting for?
We teach you how and where, but...

...take care have fun!!!
The "Wellness Center"
In the B&B "Chez Vivì"
you'll find the "Wellness Center"
where Viviana and Franco will take care of you
to make you feel good
and  the stress of modern life disappearing...
and the welness taking over on your mind and your body
Petrarca's House
The Poet Francesco Petrarca lived to Arquà the last years of his life
and is buried here
Born in Arezzo, has lived in Provence and, returning to Italy in old age
was hosted, as Court' Poet, by the noble and powerful family Carrai of Treviso
Visiting the family's properties in Arquà it happened that he - as he said - found "the gentle climate of his sweet Provence".
and he settled in the village
Today you can visit the "House of the Poet", admirably preserved

Coming to Chez Vivì, you'll find the sweet climate, cool in summer time and mild in winter, which allows, inside the arch of mountains surrounding the village, the cultivation of  olive, and the "giuggiola", the exclusive typical fruit of this area
la gioia di un massaggio
i profumi del silenzio

Chez Vivì
Bed & Breakfast
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