Brio & Erik are the two P.R. of the House, and are engaged in the receipt of Guests
If they lie down at your feet waiting for pamperings, it means that you have been "accepted" and you'll feel at home!

i gatti del Bed and breakfast Chez vivi,
There is also SAS (Sua Altezza Serenissima), in English: His Serene Highness, a large toad that took up inside the big jar of oleander
Vivian is trating it with great deference, because it may be a royal prince pending awakening…
le rondini al Bed and breakfast Chez vivi,
SAS  del Bed and breakfast Chez vivi,
Cip e Ciop del Bed and breakfast Chez vivi,
tarta e ruga  del Bed and breakfast Chez vivi,
Two small turtles, Tarta and Ruga, are part of the family
Tarta is restless and playful, likes to hide or take off for large exploratory trips, while Ruga is more quiet and never get away from their private garden
Cip & Ciop, are the two squirrels who took possession of our woodshed, where its hide abundantly nuts for their winter lethargy
In summer, at dawn, it is not uncommon to see them play in the garden, or inspect the great  gazebo looking for the breakfast' crumbs
A cheerful and noisy swallows' family is permanent in the summer self-builted nest  under the arcade
Franco del Bed and breakfast Chez vivi,
Franco del Bed and breakfast Chez vivi,
Vivian is the soul of the group.
She is always smiling, she will receive you with a smile and she  hails you with a kiss when you leave the House.
He loves nature, animals, flowers and plants
Vivian study and apply aromatherapy, relaxed music therapy, active meditation. It a "ReiKi Master" and is an expert in flowertherapy' treatments, aromatherapy, cristaltherapy and pyramid
She knows and uses natural essential oils and  "Flowers of Bach"
She's also e "Feng Shui" consultant,
Vivian is also a refined "gourmet and she can teach you to prepare its dishes and its recipes of mediterranean cuisine and fish
Franco is the planning and organization of the B&B activities
Excellent chef and sommelier, with Viviana it's an exellent cooking "team"  Her recipes are an example of the most genuine emilian kitchen
Franco is an expert masseuse, and you can entrust him to obtain relaxation and wellness, with its oriental massages

Finally, two Chez Vivì's new friends!
The afraid rabbit that a Guest of ours gathered in the garden and saved from the clutches of Brio and Erik
and Pippo, the most lively of the new nest of urchins that run around undisturbed inside and outside the home

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