In Summer time the large swimming pool  is on, with sun beds, deck chairs, rocking chairs available for guests who stay for more days
A large gazebo is equipped for the evening dinners in good company, and the breakfast in the garden,  close to the pool ...

The B&B "Chez Viv" is a pretty country House with garden and pool into the green of the "Natural Colli Euganei Park" in the medieval village of Arqu Petrarca, close to Padova and Abano Terme, one of the most famous Spa Center in Europe, and not far from Venice. In an hour drive you can reach Vicenza, Treviso, Asolo, Ferrara, Mantova, Bologna, Asiago, Chioggia, the Po delta, Verona and Garda Lake...

Hello, I'm Vivian
Now, you finally reached our House. We welcome you with enthusiasm, and we will ensure you a pleasant staying.
I and Franco are at your disposal, and you can be sure that we will bend over backwards to meet, where possible, your needs and your demands.

In these pages you will find a full description of what is at your disposal, the bedrooms and the various services, you will find pricing and conditions, we submit the "Chart of Hospitality" that we are committed to respect, and also inform you on the Regulation, that will ensure  your and other guests' tranquility.

You will also find the descriptions of various opportunities, such as "Special Offers" and the  "Last Minute" fare.
Let you know us and the House looking at the "Slides"!
Remember that the morning breakfast is served from 8.30 am, but that you can ask the night before for an early served breakfast from 7.30.
It's no possible to get the breakfast service beyond the maximum allowed time (9.30 am), but if you want to sleep late you can do so safely, as a coffee with cookies is served even if you get up at noon. ;-)

If you want to linger in bed until late and did not give abundant full breakfast, you can ask the room service.
You have special dietary needs? Intolerances, allergies? Let us know the night before.
Would you like to have a breakfast with particular foods or beverages to your liking? Do you want  the "Full Continental Breakfast" with salty foods, or the "American Breakfast" with pancakes and maple syrup? Ask for them the night before.

Do not forget that in the evening, returning tired after a day of sightseeing and excursions, you can ask for a long, beautiful and relaxing whirlpool bath with essential oils, or a foot-massage, as well as take the nigh-aromatherapy in your room, to sleep more soundly.
On the eve of departure, you can ask Franco for various news and information on the route you planned on the way ahead, on the recommended steps 'nd stops. If necessary we will also provide timetables of the various forms of public transportation.
Finally, it is always at your disposal a "Shuttle service" to destinations within 100 km away from the B & B.
Is at your disposal parking, free of charge.
It's available the hot-spot Wi-Fi for your free Internet.
Entrance to the house you will find a wide assortment of flyers and folders of the most interesting sites of our region.
Viviana and Franco are always at your disposal to suggest restaurants and pizzerias, as well as recommendations for tours, excursions, routes and alternative routes.

protection, restoration and promotion, the preservation of the great heritage of monuments and memories of the "smaller" Italy

Chez Viv is something beyond the simple service for a bed and for the morning' breakfast, Chez Viv is really a "pause"!

Chez Viv is more than a B&B

it is a rest moment you spend in good company, in the silence and in the green of  Arqu's  surrounding vineyards, in a nice and comfortable villa, with a tasty gourmet cuisine and the relaxing  treatments service
Arqu Petrarca is member of  "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES IN ITALY"  chain, to guarantee, through
Chez Viv
Bed & Breakfast
I-35032 Arqu Petrarca (PD) - Via Palazzina, 28 - Tel +39 340 2598267
E-mail - Sito Web

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Inside parking
Internet access
Italian breakfast
Chez Viv is the home of Viviana and Franco, where they live lonely as the children, now grown, are living with their families in a village not far from Arqu. The house is large, and the rooms are so many and empty so Viviana and Franco toke the pleasure to open it to tourists, to give them a warm family hospitality, welcoming them into their own homes, providing them with an overnight stay and breakfast.

Thus their house became the B&B "Chez Viv"

Now you can enter to visit: at ground floor we have a large living room, an open space of the communal living room with sitting and dining area, large kitchen, large fireplace in the two lights fitted between living room and library, heating them both .
On the ground floor, in stone's house body, there is formed a separate studio, with independent entrance straight from the garden.
On the upper floors the 4 bedrooms, 2 of which are reserved for guests, and 2 reserved for the family, and the large bathroom with a Jacuzzi for relaxing break.

Chez Viv is a regular B&B
authorized by the Tourist Office, permit N. 1682 of June 26, 2001!
17th  Anniversary
2001 - 2018
The Veneto Region is "classifying" the accommodation structures according to specific characteristics of comfort and prestige, assigning them a "vote"
on a scale of 1 to 5, expressed by one or more "San Marco's Lions",
(equivalent to conventional "stars")

We got the classification of "4 Lions"

It's the maximum obtainable for a B&B located in a simple "Villa with Garden",
as "5 lions" are reserved for B&B in Castles, historic Palaces and prestigious Mansions